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All Souls' & St. Gabriel's Foundation Inc.


A legacy of giving.

Giving has always been associated with All Souls St Gabriels School. It is part of our DNA. Each of today’s students benefits from the generosity of past students, families and friends.

Together, we can assist All Souls St Gabriels School girls and boys to continue their educational journey.

  1. To accept financial assistance from Donations and Bequests, whether financial, property or other assets.
  2. To fund scholarships to assist with the educational costs of worthy students who may not otherwise attend All Souls St Gabriels School due to financial constraints. In an average year, approximately 20 students benefit from direct financial assistance provided by the Foundation. This funding provides these students with a life-long impact on their education.
  3. To fund other priority educational needs at the School.

The All Souls’ & St Gabriel’s Foundation is a financially independent Association with its own bank accounts and Board.

The Foundation’s only income is from donations, bequests, and earnings from our investments.

In these times of difficult investment earnings, you can help!


Every gift matters – no matter how small.

Any money given to the Education Fund can provide a new scholarship or be added to strengthen an existing fund. If the donor prefers to fund a new scholarship (an option may exist to name the scholarship), they should:

  1. Contact the School to discuss options.
  2. Ensure that the details of the donor’s wishes are specified in writing or be written into the donor’s will in the case of a bequest.

Phone: 07 4787 1433



People interested in the concept of providing quality education in a regional setting, for children from any background, are encouraged to enquire about free membership of the Foundation.

Phone: 07 4787 1433


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