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Junior School

At All Souls St Gabriels Junior School we offer a well-rounded curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. We place a strong focus on the explicit teaching of the basic building blocks of literacy and numeracy skills, but also offer opportunities for the children to explore and reach their potential in other curriculum areas. Specialist teachers teach Music (Year 1 – 6), Health and Physical Education (Pre-prep – Year 6) and German (Prep – Year 6).

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Senior School

All Souls St Gabriels School has a long tradition of academic, vocational and extra-curricular success and a reputation for developing outstanding young men and women who are destined to make a difference in this ever changing world.

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At All Souls St Gabriels School we believe boarding is an enriching experience in itself. Boarders learn self-reliance and independence as well as tolerance of others. We recognise that boarding is seldom, if ever, the same as living at home, but those students who come prepared to grasp the many and varied opportunities that boarding house life offers, thoroughly enjoy the experience and make lifelong friends.

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Parent at All Souls St Gabriels School

“My children started at All Souls St Gabriels School in 2020; they absolutely love it. They have made life-long friends and are excelling in the classroom. I would recommend ASSG to any parent wanting a great future for their kids.”

Past Student of ASSG

“I went to ASSG for 6 years. I loved it, but my most favourite thing was the dorms. The dorms become a big family to you! I would recommend All Souls St Gabriels School for your kids' schooling!”

Past Student of ASSG

“As a Canadian expatriate, I went to school here from 1982-1985. The friends I made there, despite the fact that I now reside in Canada, are still my friends. While it was difficult to be away from home (at the time that was Indonesia), I felt at home and very well educated! 1982-1985 Alumna.”

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