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Will there be activities for my child after school and on weekends?

The Recreation Officer and staff run activities in the afternoon and the weekends for boarders of all ages, including recreational activities, club sport, games, dances and camps.

Will the School give my child the skills for a computer-based future?

The Senior School has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.  All senior school students require a device (laptop) that meets the School’s BYOD recommendations. Students in Junior School have access to various devices for educational purposes but do not require a personal device.

Does ASSG offer the subjects that my child needs?

The School offers a solid core of academic and vocational subjects from Physics and History to Engineering and Agriculture, allowing students sufficient choice to follow their interests whilst keeping their options open. The School believes in providing comprehensive, broad-based education, with both academic and vocational pathways available.

Will my child receive extra assistance, if needed with their studies?

The very nature and size of the school means that problems are identified early, and teachers have more time to spend with an individual.

Staff in our Ena Eden Centre for Effective Learning provide learning support individually or in small groups to those who need more formal assistance.

In Senior School, staff from various departments will provide after-school workshops for those who need that little bit extra.

Homework Club ("Ringers") is held in the library on Monday to Thursday afternoons, with a teacher on duty to assist any students requiring assistance.

Teaching staff are on duty during prep time in the evenings to assist students. Outside specialist assistance is also available if required.

What pastoral support is there for my child?

Students are encouraged to seek assistance from whomever they feel most comfortable. We believe a caring school environment is founded upon the mutual interaction of groups and individuals with the onus of responsibility upon each for the well-being of the others.

Within this framework, there is a wide variety of people who will provide support. The Dean of Students oversees the Pastoral Care Program and the Pastoral Care Team. This team includes our School Counsellor, Chaplain, School Nurses, Year Level Coordinators and Head of Boarding. 

Does ASSG provide large, nutritious meals to cater for growing students?

Our experienced chef provides three cooked, nutritious and generous meals each day for our growing students. The menu is varied, catering to all tastes and speciality diets, with a hot meal every morning and plenty of fruit available at each meal. Supper is also supplied each evening in the residential houses for boarders.

How secure are the boarding houses?

The Boarding Houses are alarmed at night and locked during school hours. Many staff and their families live in and around the Boarding Houses. Boys’ and Girls’ Houses are at opposite ends of the campus.

Is the school nurse available at all times?

The School runs a clinic and sick bay with 12 beds. Our clinic nurses are also involved with our health program. They are available during the day and are on call for residential students in the evenings. They organise everything from treating cuts and bruises, doctors’ visits, prescriptions, administration of medicine, and even urgent specialist appointments if necessary.

Our school doctor is on campus five days per week.

Will my child have access to sporting teams and competent coaching?

The School is a member of the Charters Towers Secondary Sports Association and the Charters Towers Primary Sports Association and participates in fixtures each week. The School fields teams in all sports including rugby league, swimming, softball, cricket, netball, cross country, tennis and athletics.

Teams are also organised to participate in town sports such as rugby league, rugby union, swimming, athletics, netball and touch football.

Our fully qualified PE staff serve as coaches and are supported by numerous teachers and community members who have qualifications and an interest in their chosen sport.

Are there opportunities for my child to be extended academically?

The School participates in a wide variety of nationwide and local subject competitions, quizzes, tests and debates. Our staff provide additional guidance and tutoring for enthusiastic students. This is easy when class sizes are kept to a minimum.

What extra-curricular activities does the School offer?

Extra-Curricular activities include Band, Small Ensemble, Choir, Cattle Club, Horse Club, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Debating and Service Clubs.

Many of these activities encourage students to make a contribution to the community.

May I bring my horse to school?

Yes – providing he/she can behave! (conditions apply)

Who owns the School?

The School was established by the Anglican Church in 1920. It is now owned by All Souls St Gabriels School Limited and conducted by All Souls St Gabriels School Inc., with a governing body made up of past and present parents and past students.

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