Museum Project


The Aim of the Project

The Aim of the Project: The overall aim of this project is to respectfully collect, preserve, maintain, secure and display of School’s physical, educational, spiritual and cultural heritage so that it can be appreciated and indeed utilised as an educational facility by the whole School community, particularly the students. In a nutshell, to save our history.

The Planning:

The museum plans are the culmination of years of research, planning and consultation with experts by the Management Committee.

The Appeal:

As this is a gift to the School, the Past Students Association will be responsible for the construction and follow up program of operation and care. At our Reunion Dinner in 2009, Jacki Clayton of the St Gabriel’s Old Girls’ Association, Brisbane branch launched the appeal to raise the $400,000 required to make this project a reality.

The Foundation Stone:

At the 2010, 90n10 celebrations on the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June, the Foundation Stone was blessed by Past Student, Bishop of Rockhampton, Godfrey Fryar. At the Burry Weekend 2014 the Foundation Stone was set in place with the completion of the building, Stage 1. More funding is now needed to complete the final Stage 2 – the provision of the internal fittings.


Why Spartans?

The historical legend of the 300 Spartans is a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds and our School’s history is full of examples of individuals and teams who typify such courage.

So how does this theme of “300 ASSG Spartans” work?

When you donate to the appeal, if you like, you can honour someone or some group associated with the School who inspired you or made a difference. A brief tribute can be written which will be kept in a special book within the museum.

How do we recognise your financial contribution?

Your name will be inscribed on one of the Donor Walls which will be located in the Gallery outside the entrance to the museum.

Spartans and Donors

The following is an official list of the ASSG Spartans that sponsors have honoured. This list will be updated from time to time. If you have not nominated a Spartan with your donation, it will be recorded that you have honoured the School itself. If, in the future, you wish to honour an individual or group other that the School itself, simply contact us and we will amend the list accordingly.