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International Students

International students account for a small portion of our student population and make an important contribution to our school culture.

Some international students attend for the full six years of secondary studies, although some attend for a shorter period of time.

Our School is situated in northern Australia within easy range of the Great Barrier Reef, the tropical rainforests and the Outback. However, it must be pointed out to prospective students that although there are numerous opportunities to visit such places, this can only be done as part of school life. Students are not permitted to come and go as they please.

International students become members of our school community with numerous opportunities to be involved in all the activities, sports, music and camps that the school provides.

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Information for International Students
  • CRICOS Course Name: Primary Education (Year 6)
    CRICOS Course No: 084935B
  • CRICOS Course Name: Middle School Education (Years 7 – 10)
    CRICOS Course No: 084936A
  • CRICOS Course Name: Secondary School Education (Years 11 – 12)
    CRICOS Course No: 084937M

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